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Medical Debt Driving Seniors to File Chapter 7


There are plenty of reasons for retirees to love Florida, besides the mild winters and warm summers. The cost of living is near the national average, there is no state income tax, and retirement income is exempt. Despite these benefits, more seniors are filing for bankruptcy than ever before. At Lewis Roberts, PA, I help clients navigate the complex requirements for filing bankruptcy. Average Expenses for Seniors The Meredith Corporation reports that $280,000 is the [...]

Medical Debt Driving Seniors to File Chapter 72019-07-05T13:32:44-04:00

Take Control of Your Florida Student Loan Debt


As a freshly accepted Florida college student, you had hopes of building a better future and dreams of where you would go and what you would do. Chances are, you borrowed the funds to pay for your education, confident you could pay it back when you got a job with your newly expanded skill set. At Lewis Roberts, PA, we often represent clients struggling with their student loan payments in Altamonte Springs, Longwood, and Lake [...]

Take Control of Your Florida Student Loan Debt2019-07-01T14:44:14-04:00

Child Support in Chapter 13


When filing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Florida, it is important to understand how child support payments and any arrears are impacted. Unlike Chapter 7, where an attempt is made to pay off these debts as part of liquidating assets, Chapter 13 requires you to catch up on any past due balances. The reason for this is a decision by Congress based on public policy to make sure that child support is paid as a [...]

Child Support in Chapter 132019-05-23T15:22:49-04:00

Child Support in Florida Chapter 7 Bankruptcy


Filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Florida can be an uneasy experience, especially if you have child support payments. Making these payments on time is very important, but if you have fallen behind and are filing a Florida bankruptcy, they come into play more significantly. Outstanding child support debts do not get discharged in a Florida bankruptcy even if it is a Chapter 7. These payment obligations do not get postponed, suspended stopped or changed.  [...]

Child Support in Florida Chapter 7 Bankruptcy2019-05-20T13:28:20-04:00

When Should I File Bankruptcy in Florida?


Filing for bankruptcy is often perceived as a scary thing to do and something you should only do if you are in dire circumstances. This is actually not true. Filing for bankruptcy in Florida can be a liberating experience and a way to possibly start fresh. To determine if you should file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, there are questions you should ask yourself and actions you should take including contacting me. Questions [...]

When Should I File Bankruptcy in Florida?2019-04-24T14:48:02-04:00

Federal Tax Intercept – What is it?


A Federal Tax Intercept is an interception of any refund you are receiving from your tax return by the Internal Revenue Service to pay off government debt.  Federal Student Loans are such a government debt which may result in a tax intercept. Typically, you will not receive any specific advance notice of the intent to intercept, but it is often in the list of potential resolutions listed on other delinquency and default notices you received [...]

Federal Tax Intercept – What is it?2019-04-15T11:16:37-04:00