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When Should I File Bankruptcy in Florida?

Filing for bankruptcy is often perceived as a scary thing to do and something you should only do if you are in dire circumstances. This is actually not true. Filing for bankruptcy in Florida can be a liberating experience and a way to possibly start fresh. To determine if you should file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, there are questions you should ask yourself and actions you should take including contacting me. Questions [...]

Federal Tax Intercept – What is it?

A Federal Tax Intercept is an interception of any refund you are receiving from your tax return by the Internal Revenue Service to pay off government debt.  Federal Student Loans are such a government debt which may result in a tax intercept. Typically, you will not receive any specific advance notice of the intent to intercept, but it is often in the list of potential resolutions listed on other delinquency and default notices you received [...]