Most likely only the creditors you list in your bankruptcy petition and anyone you tell yourself will find out if you file bankruptcy.

I am not aware of a local publication or newspaper that lists people who filed bankruptcy. The only people I have ever seen listed are famous people or someone who has made the news for another reason. Even the Orlando Sentinel appears to only publish businesses that file bankruptcy, not individuals.

But being “found out”  still seems to be a barrier to some people getting debt relief and getting the burden off their shoulders.

I think it is a misconception that the whole world finds out when you “declare bankruptcy”.

Please see this clip from The Office…

The boss, Michael Scott, asks one of his employees how to deal with his debt. The employee, Oscar, suggests that he might want to declare bankruptcy. This is what transpires…

The Office

Others worry about what their employer will do if they find out a bankruptcy is filed. Some people come to me with security clearances and worry about losing their clearance.

Section 525 of the Bankruptcy Code says: It is a violation of the bankruptcy code for a private employer to terminate or discriminate against an employee who has filed bankruptcy.

And I have never had a reason to need to enforce this provision against an employer.

That could mean one of two things:

  1. The employer found out and did not care
  2. The employer never found out

Either way, you most likely will never have an issue with your employer.

In my opinion, if an employer is worried about your debt and how that might affect your job performance (or possibly your willingness to steal), the fact that you filed bankruptcy helps or completely clears up the situation to be worried about in the first place.

Another cause for concern, that I think is usually unfounded, is being able to rent a home or apartment.

Sure, a landlord or apartment complex might ask about a previous bankruptcy filing or it may show up on a credit check. But usually they are going to rely on your income and ability to pay the rent going forward.

In a way, you are a great credit risk after a bankruptcy – since you can’t file again for a minimum of 4 years (depending on which chapter you file).

I hope this information comforts you and sets aside your fears that the world will find out your financial business. It is usually not the case and the cause of much unwarranted uneasiness and fear.

The piece of mind that you may enjoy from debt relief will far outweigh the minimal potential of someone learning you filed bankruptcy. I find that many people willingly speak about the benefits of bankruptcy once they have been through the process.

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