With Disney laying off over 25,000 employees, and the airlines seeming to be going in the same direction, it appears Orlando is going to be feeling some serious employment problems in the future.

Before you find new employment might be the best time to file bankruptcy if you have been hanging on by a thread in maintaining your debt payments.

And now could not be an easier time to file for chapter 7 bankruptcy in Orlando and Altamonte Springs if you qualify.

Due to Covid, the bankruptcy court is not open to in-person meetings.  Therefore, you can complete the whole bankruptcy process without ever having to go to the courthouse.

There is usually one meeting people have to attend called a meeting of creditors.  Creditors usually do not show up, in normal times.  But many clients get understandable nervous being questioned about personal finances in front of other people.

Now that creditor meetings are held over the phone, that fear hopefully is gone.

I also make the process easy as well.  We can do the free bankruptcy consultation over the phone.  I can email you the paperwork.  You complete the paperwork, email it back to me, mail it to me, drop it through my mail slot… whatever is easy for you.

So the whole process can be completed without numerous in-office visits and visits to the bankruptcy court.

Call me to see if filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Orlando and Altamonte Springs is right for you.

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