Some of you may have recently read that local mortgage foreclosure firm Butler & Hosch, P.A., is shutting its doors, effective immediately.

(See story here:

But what may be uncertain is how will this affect your foreclosure case? The very simple answer is that it will remain to be seen.

I have some experience with the firm, having worked there several years ago, and according to the article there were various issues within that firm recently that led to its demise – most likely its accelerated growth in past year and recent months.

Most likely many foreclosure cases will fall through the cracks, as happened following the shut down of David Stern’s office a few years ago.

Many more cases might be lost by the lender at trials where counsel fails to attend, as they are no longer employed by the firm or entitled to represent clients as firm attorneys.

Some cases might quickly be taken over by new firms or the benefiting party to the state court action filed on behalf of Butler & Hosch.

One thing is for certain – quick action should be undertaken to protect your interests in your case.

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