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“But Nothing Can Be Done About My Student Loans”

This simply is not true. Do not get used to the idea of being stuck in your current situation.

Other attorneys will tell you that nothing can be done and you can’t get rid of your loans

in bankruptcy.

They couldn’t be more wrong.

I want you to know that I am different… I am a student loan attorney.

Don’t ignore or struggle with your student loans a day longer.

Do you know:

  • A federal student loan payment can be as low as $0/month

  • Rehabilitation payments can be as low as $5/month

  • Federal loans may be forgiven after 10 years of qualifying payments

  • Private student loans have a statute of limitations for collection

  • Private loans have to sue to collect if you are not paying

  • Private lenders rarely release a co-signer prior to payment in full

Working With Me As Your Student Loan Lawyer

Lewis Roberts

I am going to make it easy to work with me to get your student loan situation under control. I welcome you to come to

my office, but I also want to help people throughout all of Florida. So if you cannot come to me, I am happy to do our

consultation over the phone. Call me at (407) 749-0080, email me at, or click the

Contact Me Now buttons on this page.

I offer a 45 minute consultation for $150 to go over all your options and discuss strategies for handling and managing

your student loans. You leave with a plan of action and forms that will allow you to handle your student loan

situation on your own. If you decide to hire me for additional work or representation, the consultation fee is applied

towards the total fee. I offer flexible payment options, and most student loan representation is flat fee based.

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What Others Say About Me

Lewis Roberts helped me in my bankruptcy case, which was unique as it involved discharging student debt. With great integrity he did his research first, before taking on the case, finding precedent to make sure the debt could be discharged to begin with. Very sociable, he did a great job of answering my questions, as well as explaining to me the nuances of student debt and bankruptcy laws, giving me a range of options I had in handling it. He went out of his way to coordinate between the school and myself to handle important details. A true professional, I would without a doubt recommend Attorney Roberts, and I greatly appreciate his help.

Kyle L

Awesome experience. I highly recommend Attorney Roberts, he was efficient and professional throughout the whole process.

Stacey L

Lewis Roberts was professional, prompt, convenient, courteous, and easy to work with. Initially, my case seemed simple, but when problems came up, he was able to take care of them promptly. He is a professional. Dropping by the office was easy and convenient. I am glad that he was there to help. Thank you very much I highly recommend his expertise.

Alex Y

From beginning to end Lewis Roberts and staff have been very helpful and understanding of such a difficult situation. They are always quick to respond via email or phone. They made a stressful process easy and I would recommend them to others. Working with them on processing everything was a breeze and they are very informative.

Sara F

Lewis Roberts is a brilliant lawyer and I owe EVERYTHING to this man and his staff. I was drowning in student loan debt, being garnished unable to breath and he was able to stop the garnishment and help me continue my life. Best Decision I ever made was hiring this man. My only regret was not hiring him sooner. I will recommend him to anyone who needs a strong, aggressive, knowledgeable lawyer who will fight for you!

William V

Simply the Best. Working with Lewis and his staff was a great experience. They helped from the beginning to the end. When we needed answers they were avalaible at a click of a button. Would recommend his office a million times over!!

Juan P

It was refreshing to visit my first time to an attorney and get all of my questions answered. From that point on I was given personal attention and they walked me through the entire process. It’s never a fun experience but I couldn’t ask for a better team to get my through. Thanks for everything Lewis.

Marc G

Mr. Roberts did a wonderful job for me! He and his office were very professional and so helpful and patient! If you need an attorney I would use him!

Joellen M
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