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Should you file bankruptcy or divorce first?


In better times, divorce was about splitting the assets.  I will give my colleague Bill Balena credit for the following regarding bankruptcy and divorce: Divorce is not about splitting assets anymore, it is about splitting debt. I don't see clients arguing over who gets to keep the house, or the car, because there isn't any equity in either anymore (unlike during the real estate boom) or when incomes were higher and everyone owned their cars outright. [...]

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Bankruptcy Filing in Florida: Who will find out about it?


Most likely only the creditors you list in your bankruptcy petition and anyone you tell yourself will find out if you file bankruptcy. I am not aware of a local publication or newspaper that lists people who filed bankruptcy. The only people I have ever seen listed are famous people or someone who has made the news for another reason. Even the Orlando Sentinel appears to only publish businesses that file bankruptcy, not individuals. But [...]

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Tax Refunds And Bankruptcy In Florida


Florida bankruptcy cases often involve the question of tax refunds. Will the trustee take the money? Yes, the trustee will take your tax refund. It does not matter if it is a Chapter 7 or a Chapter 13 filed in Florida. If you file a Chapter 7 case in Florida then you need to plan your bankruptcy filing before the case goes to court. Florida consumers may be able to exempt the refund in some situations. [...]

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