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Past Results

Prospective Clients May Not Obtain The Same Or Similar Results

Recovered from Debt Settlement Scam

Client was involved in paying a debt settlement company each month to build enough funds to pay creditors. Company refused to return the money. A demand letter from me resulted in a check in about 15 days.

Recovered from Debt Settlement Scam

Client was victim of debt settlement company who took a large amount of fees in violation of Florida Statutes, but didn’t settle all of client’s credit card accounts. Debt settlement company refunded all money paid into the plan, less the small settlements actually paid to creditors.

Unclaimed Funds

Client was able to recover almost $4000.00 from the unclaimed funds depository after her chapter 7 was discharged. I submitted a motion to the court to return the funds to the client after a creditor failed to deposit the funds.

Loan Modification

Client was behind $15,000 on 6.75% mortgage. Through Chapter 13 modification program, client obtained a new 30 year loan at 5.25%, arrears put on the back of the loan, and saving about $150/month.

Student Loan Discharged

I was able to discharge a Sallie Mae “student loan” through an adversary complain in a chapter 7 bankruptcy. The loan was not for higher education, so I was able to defeat the normal exception from discharge for student loans.

Discharge Violation

Client surrendered a home in chapter 7. Lender repeatedly contacted client about the debt, in violation of the bankruptcy code. Lender was warned to stop contacting client and did not. I filed a Motion for Sanctions, lender settled with client. Amount of the settlement is confidential.