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Attorney Vaneza Roberts

Vaneza Roberts

About Vaneza Roberts

Legal Office Manager/Marketing Director

Vaneza RobertsMy name is Vaneza, and I’ve spent the last eight years dedicated to the intricate world of law, serving as Marketing Director and Legal Office Manager at my husband’s bankruptcy law office. Born and raised in the vibrant city of Lima, Peru, my journey into the legal realm began at the prestigious University of San Martin de Porres, where I embarked on my studies in law.

Though my academic path took a different turn, my passion for the legal field remained steadfast. Working alongside my husband, I’ve immersed myself in the nuances of bankruptcy and student loan law, combining my administrative skills with a deep understanding of those areas of law.

Fluent in Spanish, I bring a unique perspective to our office, facilitating seamless communication with our Spanish-speaking clients and ensuring they receive the personalized attention they deserve. Our commitment to providing tailored solutions and compassionate support has earned our office a reputation for excellence in client care.

Beyond the confines of the office, I find fulfillment in nurturing meaningful connections within our community, participating in philanthropic endeavors, and continuously seeking opportunities for personal and professional growth. As I continue to navigate the dynamic landscape of law, I remain dedicated to upholding the principles of integrity, diligence, and empathy in all that I do.