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Orlando Loan Modification Lawyer

Don’t Drown in Debt — Work with an Orlando Loan Modification Lawyer

It is easy to drown in debt with the low-interest rates and increasing home prices. Orlando’s housing market is worsening, with the spiraling costs and influx of people. These costs of living can make things challenging for your finances. According to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, household debt is at an all-time high of $17.06 trillion.

One of the biggest challenges is paying your mortgage as you struggle to keep up. Mortgage debt can become overwhelming, and managing it requires getting assistance to bring down your payments.

I am the Orlando loan modification lawyer who helps you to address these challenges and make a fresh start. I prevent you from drowning in mortgage debt by giving you skilled legal advice.

The Loan Modification Landscape

Loan modification is a legal process where you can change the terms of your mortgage to make the payments more affordable. It possibly requires extending the length of your mortgage and lowering interest rates. The objective is to make things easier when you struggle to manage the payments and avoid foreclosure.

Orlando’s housing market is challenging with the influx of people and those programs seeking to take advantage of vulnerable homeowners. The fluctuations in the prices and people moving in could make things more difficult for you to manage.

I am the Orlando loan modification lawyer who can simplify things for you. I have years of experience working in these situations and will put this to work for you. Call me today at (407) 749-0080 to schedule your free consultation with me, Lewis Roberts, PA. I will review your situation and discuss how a loan modification program could help you.

What Loan Modification can do for You

You could qualify for a loan modification if you struggle to pay your mortgage. It helps you to keep your home and stop foreclosure by one of the following:

  • Changing your interest rate to fixed payment versus variable
  • Extending the terms of your mortgage
  • Decreasing your interest rate.

Even in those situations where you are unable to refinance, a loan modification could work. It is used to help homeowners facing hardships make things manageable. I have years of experience helping homeowners to navigate these issues.

A Breath of Fresh Air for Homeowners Worrying about Foreclosure

A common misconception is that nothing can be done to prevent foreclosure. Your friends and family will cite how you are too far behind on your payments, and it is inevitable for the bank to take action.

However, the last thing a bank needs is another foreclosed property on its books, and the desire to work with you is attractive. New regulations are making loan modification even more possible. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) recently issued new guidelines to assist homeowners.

I am the Orlando loan modification lawyer who will examine these and other options. You don’t have to go through foreclosure; instead, put my knowledge and experience to work for you.

Loan Modifications

HAMP, HAMP 2, HARP, HAFA, and all the other loan modification programs offered can be confusing. Maybe you have grown frustrated and tired from a lack of success with your mortgage company. Or the horror stories you have heard may have stopped you from trying for a loan modification.

How many trial modification periods have you finished without a permanent loan modification offer?


Imagine faxing your loan modification paperwork to the lender for it to print out and feed right into a shredder below the fax machine where it was received.

That is the frustrating feeling you may be experiencing.

You get a different approach if you allow me to assist you in the loan modification process, one with multiple solutions and strategies offered.

If you are in foreclosure, that lawsuit can be defended while helping with your loan modification. You are often told that a modification is being processed, yet the bank starts or continues the foreclosure process even when you were told they would stop. You may find yourself staring at an auction date for your home.

If you have other debt or an underwater second mortgage, bankruptcy may be your best solution. There is a mortgage mediation program in our bankruptcy court. Its success for loan modifications has been significantly higher than outside of bankruptcy or in state court. The Chapter 13 trustee states the success rate is over 80%.

Most loan modifications are geared toward mortgages on primary residences and restructured payments at 31% of your gross income (before taxes are taken out of your paycheck).

Added benefits may include principal reduction, interest rate reduction, or waiving interest already owed.

But be careful of extending the length of your loan (40-year mortgages) or balloon payments. I have seen loan modification offers that looked good initially but were not a financial improvement for the client.

Most importantly, you should not let your mortgage company advise you on loan modification options. You should not let them talk you into going behind on your mortgage before you can be considered for a loan modification.

The Loan Modification Process

A fresh start begins today by putting the misconceptions and half-truths aside. You could be eligible for a loan modification program that lowers your payments and simplifies things. I work with you to find solutions that make things easier and give you peace of mind. My process follows a series of steps:


I will review your finances, mortgages, and other information to understand what is happening. I aim to identify possible changes that could make a difference and create a strategy.

The Strategy

Your lender has no obligations to work with you on loan modifications. You are responsible for reaching out to them and negotiating to get more favorable terms. The challenge is that you are unfamiliar with what to do or how to get things done.

I use my knowledge and experience to reach out to your lender on your behalf. I create a customized strategy that works with different programs to lower your payments. I focus on making things more manageable so you can keep your home.

Meeting with Lenders Directly

I have resources and connections with numerous lenders and Orlando’s legal community. These are useful in knowing who to speak with and working with them to renegotiate your mortgage. Never handle foreclosure alone, as the process is complex and requires professional guidance.


I communicate with you throughout the process to ensure everything goes smoothly. You can relax and know I am putting my years of experience and legal knowledge to work for you. Loan modifications can work, but you need a skilled professional to guide you. I am here to help simplify the process to give you peace of mind.

My strategy adjusts to your situation so we can focus on getting results and helping you stay in your home. I understand the challenges you are facing and will assist in simplifying things.

How Can I Help?

I have years of experience handling various loan modifications and will put this to work for you. Loan modifications are programs that let you stay in your home and lower your payments.

The challenge is finding an effective program that will work for you. I offer numerous benefits that will make things easier, including the following:


I will guide you through the process and make things simple. My experience and knowledge handling these cases help me locate a program to reduce your financial challenges.


I work to protect rights throughout this process with my legal knowledge and representation. I ensure you are treated fairly and work with your lender to encourage them to modify your loan.

I also advise you on which programs can make a difference and help you to avoid scams. Many loan modification programs sound great but are too good to be true. Sadly, unsuspecting homeowners are the ones who pay by increasing their chances of foreclosure.

I will ensure your program is effective and reduces your payments. I understand the challenges you are facing.

Call me, Lewis Roberts, PA, at (407) 749-0080 to schedule your free consultation. I will review your situation and discuss the options we could pursue regarding loan modification. You don’t have to drown in debt when you can put my knowledge and experience to work for you.


Who Qualifies for a Loan Modification?

Eligibility varies, but you must show financial hardship, such as a sudden increase in expenses or a drop in income. You also need to demonstrate the ability to maintain the modified payments.

How do I get a Loan Modification?

The most effective approach is to contact me and set up a free consultation. I will review your situation and discuss how I can help you with a loan modification.

Can you get a Loan Modification if You are Behind on the Payments?

Yes, you could qualify for a loan modification. Lenders want to prevent foreclosure, and the right program could encourage them to modify your loan.

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