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Bankruptcy Protections for Disabled Veterans

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Florida veterans often pay a heavy price for their service to their country. The physical and emotional toll can be devastating, and financial hardships often result. In many cases, filing bankruptcy helps veterans get some breathing room from overwhelming debt and move forward with their lives. At Lewis Roberts, PA, I often help clients determine […]

Child Support in Chapter 13

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When filing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Florida, it is important to understand how child support payments and any arrears are impacted. Unlike Chapter 7, where an attempt is made to pay off these debts as part of liquidating assets, Chapter 13 requires you to catch up on any past due balances. The reason for […]

Child Support in Florida Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

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Filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Florida can be an uneasy experience, especially if you have child support payments. Making these payments on time is very important, but if you have fallen behind and are filing a Florida bankruptcy, they come into play more significantly. Outstanding child support debts do not get discharged in a […]

Federal Tax Intercept – What is it?

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A Federal Tax Intercept is an interception of any refund you are receiving from your tax return by the Internal Revenue Service to pay off government debt.  Federal Student Loans are such a government debt which may result in a tax intercept. Typically, you will not receive any specific advance notice of the intent to […]

Florida Foreclosure Surplus

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In the current housing market climate competition for the purchase of houses is intense, and can often involve bidding wars. This is not only limited to the sale of homes in a conventional sense where realtors are negotiating on behalf of their clients, it happens in foreclosure cases, as well. If you are unfortunate enough […]

Professional License Suspended for Not Paying Your Student Loans?

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How to add insult to injury?  You are struggling to pay your student loans and the State of Florida suspends your professional license for not paying them… or even adding a fine on top of your student loan bill. This can happen in Florida.  The applicable statute 456.072 reads: 456.072 Grounds for discipline; penalties; enforcement.— (1) The following acts […]

Who Is Dyck O’Neal and Why Is He Suing Me?

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Dyck O’Neal Lawsuits in Orlando, FL I was at the courthouse the other day looking at lawsuits filed in Orange County in State Court. I only looked at lawsuits filed during May 2014. There were over 100 lawsuits filed by Dyck O’Neal Inc against various defendants.  Again, this is Orange County alone.  It does not include other […]

Chapter 13 and Your Plan Payments

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Was your Chapter 13 filed in Orlando or Jacksonville Bankruptcy Court? If so, your payment plan is due within 30 days of filing your case. It does not matter if you haven’t attended your meeting of creditors yet – the trustee must receive your plan payment, and it’s your job to make sure the money is where […]