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Can I Use Bankruptcy to Stop Foreclosure in Florida?

Can I Use Bankruptcy to Stop Foreclosure in Florida?

Foreclosures are common throughout Florida. Every day in the Sunshine State, hundreds of property owners find themselves being foreclosed on. Unfortunately, many are not aware of their rights during foreclosure or that the bankruptcy automatic stay will pause foreclosure in Florida. If you need on-point, effective guidance and representation, contact Lewis Roberts, PA. Learn how […]

Bankruptcy: What to Know When Representing Yourself

Bankruptcy: What to Know When Representing Yourself

Bankruptcy is a complex legal procedure that can relieve a significant amount of financial stress. Because bankruptcy laws are complicated, individuals are strongly advised to hire legal counsel to represent them. However, some filers choose the DIY route. This should only be done with a strong understanding of certain information to avoid potential major pitfalls. […]

Chapter 13 and Your Plan Payments

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Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a popular type of bankruptcy that gives filers breathing room to get their finances back on track. If you have filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, it is vital to take great care to comply with the terms of the plan to avoid serious legal and financial consequences. Jacksonville Bankruptcy Court Payment […]

Can Bankruptcy Stop Repossessions?

If your finances have gotten to the point where you’re worried about your vehicle being repossessed, you may be asking yourself whether filing for bankruptcy can bring relief. People are often reluctant to move forward with bankruptcy. One of the most common questions bankruptcy attorneys hear is, “Will I lose everything if I file for […]

Does the Bankruptcy Trustee Come to My Home?

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One of the challenges many consumers face is an overwhelming amount of debt. The last few years let you make more purchases for different goods and services using easy financing and low interest rates. Times are changing, with many consumers facing overwhelming payments and debt. The situation is becoming dire, and more people are filing […]