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Attorney Lewis Roberts

Attorney Lewis Roberts

About Attorney Lewis Roberts

I’m Lewis Roberts and thankfully you found me.

Attorney Lewis RobertsWhy am I the right bankruptcy attorney to help you?

I tackle your problems and offer you solutions for your financial well-being. I want to end your search for answers. You want relief from debt, relief from harassing creditors, and answers to your questions regarding how to handle your financial situation.

I believe I can do for you what I have done for thousands of others.

All you need to do is take the second step and contact me.  The first step is already done, it was easy, and you didn’t even know you took it… you found me. I can help you because I understand your financial issues. Whether it is crushing credit card debt, mounting mortgage payments, or seemingly impossible student loan repayment terms, we can talk about possible solutions.

  • Married to Vaneza from Peru
  • Two children
  • Mercer Law School
  • From Finger Lakes area of NY
  • Florida Real Estate Broker License
  • Four Time speaker for NACBA