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Need Solutions For Your Student Loan Problems?

by Lewis Roberts, Florida Bankruptcy Lawyer

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You signed for your student loans with the hope and promise of your education securing you a better future.

Now the payments are due and you don’t know where to turn for help in understanding your student loan situation.

If you would like to end your financial struggles, and you need help, contacting a student loan lawyer may be your best option.

Confused by your options or don’t think you have any?

  • Is there a difference between federal and private student loans?
  • Can I be garnished, social security taken, or tax refund taken?
  • Can I settle my student loans for pennies on the dollar?
  • Is it possible to discharge my student loans in bankruptcy?
  • Am I able to get my loans forgiven?

We can help you

By answering your questions, about:

  • How to avoid your paycheck being garnished or your tax refund being taken.
  • How to get out of default on your federal student loans.
  • How to possibly lower your monthly student loan payment.
  • How to possibly get your student loans forgiven.

We may also be able to:

  • Stop phone calls from collectors calling about your past due student loan payments.
  • Defend a student loan lawsuit brought against you.
  • Ease the burden of other debts freeing up money to make your student loan payments.

How we make it easy for you

By giving you options!  Is it hard for you to get off during work?  No student loan lawyer near where you live?  Then I will make it easy for you to get my advice.

We can handle your consultation by phone.  It doesn’t get an easier than that, does it?  I can advise anyone with student loan problems living anywhere in the State of Florida.

I want to make it easy to give you the information you need to ease your student loan burden.

Call my office at (407) 749-0080 to schedule a time for a phone consultation about your specific situation.

The charge for my no hold-back advice is $100 for a full analysis of your student loan situation.  I will show you self-help solutions and even provide you forms.

If you decide to not go it alone, and feel it is best to hire an attorney with student loan knowledge, I will credit your $100 consultation fee towards the total legal fee.

Contact me now for your student loan evaluation 

(407) 749-0080

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