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Orlando Foreclosure Defense Lawyer

Foreclosure Defense

The moment that you knew was coming has finally happened.  You’ve been served with a complaint for foreclosure.

Or maybe you didn’t know it was coming because you’ve been sending in repeated requests for help to your mortgage servicer, and they said it would be all right.

Whatever the case, a process server has served you with a stack of papers seemingly written in Greek (or at least might as well be) and told you that you have 20 days to respond to the Court.

How Can You Stop Foreclosure?

Foreclosure Defense AttorneyThis situation is playing out everyday across the state for thousands of homeowners.

I may be able to defend your foreclosure.

At its core, “Foreclosure” is the legal process by which the bank takes back title to a piece of real property that they have a lien on.

In Florida, the final outcome of a foreclosure lawsuit is an order of the court declaring that all other interests are foreclosed and the only interest belongs to the bank.

Florida is considered to be a judicial foreclosure state, meaning that the foreclosure is carried out in the court system, and a judge ultimately orders the sale of your home to the highest bidder.

By requiring your bank to prove their allegations, I may be able to call into question the entire foreclosure lawsuit.

During the time that we are litigating and defending the foreclosure lawsuit, you and your family can remain in your house because you are still the owner of record.

You may continue to pursue a variety of methods to rehabilitate your mortgage and remain in the house, if you choose.

Not until the final Order is issued, and a legitimate foreclosure sale occurs, can the bank take back possession of the property and force you to leave.

No matter what phase in the foreclosure process, I may still have time to help you.

Contact us immediately to review your situation and devise a possible strategy to defend your home against foreclosure.

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