Why are people in Orlando still under financial stress?

It appears the bankruptcy boom is over, but I still encounter people every day that have not put an end to their debt situation.

Student Loan Help In Orlando

Are your student loan payments too much to handle?

Total student loan debt is now higher than total credit card debt or car loan debt. Default rates are climbing.

Have you stopped paying your student loans or are you barely hanging on? You probably feel helpless because you believe there is nothing you can do to solve your student loan debt.

You may be wrong. At the very least, you should try to get your student loan payments under control with my help. You may be able to achieve affordable monthly payments on your student loans.

Bankruptcy In Orlando

Do you still have debt problems and aren’t sure how to solve them?

If you have a foreclosure, lawsuit, judgment, garnishment, default, charge-off, or deficiency, there still may be time to help. Bankruptcy can potentially solve all your debt problems with one attorney and one fee.

Maybe you filed bankruptcy already, but only eliminated some of your debt. Did your credit card debt go away but other debt remained?

Have you been told there was nothing you could do about your student loans or mortgage payments?

If you haven’t done anything yet about your debt or credit report issues, it is never too late to get started.

Loan Modifications

Has your mortgage payment been modified?

Perhaps you have given up hope trying to save your home or lower your mortgage payments.

If you filed bankruptcy before 2010, you were not able take advantage of the mortgage mediation program to attempt to lower your mortgage payment.

You may still have options available to make your mortgage payment more affordable.

A Complete Consultation with an Orlando Attorney

Isn’t it worth a small amount of your time to learn if you can make your family’s life better?

It takes little time to find out if we have options that are right for you, and how those options might make your life easier.  We listen to what you are going through and offer you solutions.

No obligation at all after the consultation, with zero high pressure sales tactics.  You get facts and options, plain and simple.

We are on a fact-finding mission together. I want you to ask any question that’s on your mind before you make a decision to deal with ALL of your debt problems.

Call (407) 749-0080 or click here to start towards your personalized debt solution.