No, I am not talking about when a creditor is taking money out of your paycheck. That is definitely not a good thing.

A wage deduction order is having your employer automatically take a portion of your paycheck to the trustee for your monthly chapter 13 plan payment.

This means you don’t have to worry about saving a portion of each paycheck. No more hassles running to the bank to get a cashiers check or money order at the last minute to mail to the trustee. No more stamps and envelopes as well.

Why is this good thing?

According to the Orlando chapter 13 trustee’s office, people who take advantage of this bankruptcy tool successfully complete their chapter 13 bankruptcy 80% of the time. Those without a wage deduction are only successful 30% of the time.

About half of my chapter 13 cases involve getting rid of or stripping a second mortgage. The second mortgage only goes away forever if you finish your chapter 13 bankruptcy. This huge benefit is being wasted by the majority of people who file their chapter 13 bankruptcy case in Orlando or Jacksonville.

I strongly encourage everyone to take advantage of a wage deduction order. It is a rather simple process handled by me and submitted to the court. It does not require you to appear before the judge at all. It is usually completed within a few days.

Wage deduction affords great benefits with no work or effort on your part. Even if you are already making plan payments, you can ask to be set up at any time.

Do yourself a favor to dramatically increase your chapter 13 bankruptcy success rate – allow me to set up your chapter 13 plan payments by wage deduction.

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