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Orlando Bankruptcy Attorney Lewis Roberts

Clermont Bankruptcy Lawyer

When some people hear the word “bankruptcy,” they usually think of negative scenarios like total financial doom or complete ruin. They tend to forget the real intent behind filing bankruptcy. Bankruptcy helps people or businesses with difficulties paying their debts by creating repayment plans or eliminating debt.

It is a legal process that provides protection from creditors and offers relief from most debt obligations. Bankruptcy can be filed for many reasons like job loss, medical bills, bad business, student loans, etc.

According to the American Bankruptcy Institute, most bankruptcy cases filed with a bankruptcy attorney are usually more successful than cases where people represent themselves. Bankruptcy law is complex, but with an experienced bankruptcy lawyer, the process could be much easier and more successful.

If you, as an individual, your business, or someone you know in Clermont has financial problems and needs a bankruptcy lawyer, contact Lewis Roberts, PA; I can help you.

Why You Should Hire Me as Your Clermont Bankruptcy Lawyer

As an individual or business, your financial status might be bad; you might have an overwhelming debt that makes you constantly worry. It’s not the end of the world; if you take the right step now, you can beat the situation. You can reach out to me directly and let me help you. I can be the ticket to your fresh start.

Let me help you relieve your financial burden as I’ve done for many others.

I have worked with many clients, and the experience and knowledge I’ve gained will help me offer you the best solution for your financial situation. If you need a lawyer with expertise in bankruptcy law for your case, I am here for you. Contact me at (407) 749-0080.

Who Is a Bankruptcy Lawyer?

I help people and businesses use legal means to reduce or eliminate their debts or work out a favorable repayment plan to clear the debt. Attorneys, like me, offer their clients legal advice, prepare the necessary documents, and represent their bankrupt clients in court.

Bankruptcy lawyers help their clients in the following ways:

  • They tell their clients if bankruptcy is best for their financial condition.
  • They educate clients on the types of bankruptcies and the best ones to file.
  • They guide clients through all the procedures and let them know what is next.
  • They help clients gather all the documentation they need to provide and fill out the proper forms.
  • They help them protect assets they don’t want to sell.
  • They help clients abide by bankruptcy laws.

Types Of Bankruptcy Cases Handled by a Clermont Bankruptcy Lawyer

A Clermont bankruptcy lawyer can help both individuals and businesses file bankruptcy. There are six types of bankruptcies, but only two common types exist for individuals and companies.

Chapter 7

This is the most commonly chosen type of bankruptcy. It is also known as liquidation. Liquidation is a process where assets are sold off to pay what the debtor owes. Your lawyer will help you declare your assets, and the court-appointed trustees in Clermont will sell these assets and distribute the money to your creditors.

Debts solved with Chapter 7 include credit card debt, medical bills, some taxes, as well as other debts.  Businesses in Clermont can file for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy when they must close down. They will also assign their assets to a court-appointed trustee for liquidation.

Chapter 13

Chapter 13 is also known as a reorganization. This type of bankruptcy allows a Clermont attorney to help you, as an individual or a sole proprietor of a business, enter a debt repayment plan (usually 3-5 years) mandated by the court. This type of bankruptcy is for individuals or sole proprietors with steady incomes. Chapter 13 bankruptcy helps to stop foreclosures, repossessions, and harassment from creditors while the debts are being paid.

Don’t delay taking action! Taking a long time to address your issue will only worsen it.

Why You Need a Clermont Bankruptcy Lawyer

Representing yourself in court is not impossible; it is an option you can consider. However, it is advisable to hire a bankruptcy lawyer as you have a higher chance of success when you hire one. Statistics show that most cases that do not have legal representation end up getting dismissed.

There are a lot of avoidable mistakes you can make that a lawyer won’t. Bankruptcy law is both a state and a federal law, so there are some rules and regulations that are specific to each state that you must abide by. If these rules are not followed, your case could be jeopardized.

However, when you hire a Clermont bankruptcy attorney to handle your case, I will help you follow every rule and regulation in Clermont, Florida. There won’t be missing paperwork, neglected or improperly filled files, or other mistakes individuals make when representing themselves.

Clermont Bankruptcy Lawyer FAQs

Do not hesitate to reach out to me if you have pressing questions. However, the following are a few questions asked by my clients that you might find helpful:

What are the benefits of hiring a Clermont bankruptcy lawyer?

Hiring a bankruptcy lawyer in Clermont ensures you have a knowledgeable professional navigating the intricate legal processes, protecting your rights, and maximizing the chances of a successful bankruptcy resolution tailored to your needs.

Will filing for bankruptcy ruin my financial future?

While bankruptcy may impact your credit score initially, it provides an opportunity for a fresh start. A Clermont bankruptcy lawyer can guide you on rebuilding credit and making sound financial decisions post-bankruptcy.

How do I choose the right Clermont bankruptcy Lawyer for me?

Consider factors such as experience, reputation, communication style, and affordability. Researching reviews, scheduling consultations, and assessing their expertise in bankruptcy law can help you make an informed decision.

How can a Clermont bankruptcy Lawyer help me?

Clermont bankruptcy lawyers provide essential guidance throughout the bankruptcy process. They assist in evaluating your financial situation, filing necessary paperwork, representing you in court, and negotiating with creditors to reach favorable resolutions.

These may not be your only questions; our attorneys will discuss your specific concerns in your initial consult.

How I Can Help You with Your Bankruptcy Case

As a business owner or an individual in Clermont, if you have overwhelming debts that seem challenging to repay and you need a Clermont bankruptcy attorney, I can help you. In any bankruptcy case, you will need a good lawyer with experience and sound knowledge who can advocate for you to have a successful case.

I have worked with thousands of clients, and my experience with their cases equipped me to handle yours. I will work with you directly and handle your case from start to finish. If there are areas of your bankruptcy case you do not understand, contact me, and I will provide detailed answers to your satisfaction.

Get Help from Lewis Roberts, PA

The years I’ve spent as a bankruptcy lawyer and the knowledge I’ve gained so far have helped me understand the stress and difficulties of financial burdens. It also helped me know there is always a way out. I can help you file a successful bankruptcy case. Contact me at (407) 749-0080 to book a consultation.

Bankruptcy Lawyer Lewis Roberts

Attorney Lewis Roberts

The weight of debts that one cannot pay carries financial stress into every waking moment. It is time for this to end. Lewis Roberts, PA, offers solutions to relieve these worries. With over 20 years of experience in helping individuals overcome the burden of debt, bankruptcy attorney Lewis Roberts presents a range of options tailored to each unique situation. Clients can trust his advice on any matter related to debts, as he identifies appropriate options and explains the paths to debt relief clearly and carefully. This ensures that clients make the best decisions for their future. [ Attorney Bio ]