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Orlando Chapter 13 Plan Payments

Chapter 13 Plan Payments

Chapter 13 filed in Florida?  Your Plan payment is due within 30 days of filing your case. It does not matter whether or not you have attended your meeting of creditors – your trustee has to get paid, and it’s your job to make sure the money is where it belongs.

If your payment isn’t there on time, you’ve got big problems with your Chapter 13 case.

Most Florida consumers are either in a 36 month or 60 month Plan depending on their household income. Plans cannot extend for more than 60 months after your bankruptcy is filed, so once you hit that limit it’s over (which is good – what Florida consumer wants to be in Chapter 13 for more than 5 years?).

All payments must be made by money order, or cashier’s check, or wage deduction – absolutely NO personal checks will be accepted under any circumstances.

If you are going to be sending a monthly money order or cashier’s check, make it payable to and send it to:

If your Chapter 13 was filed in Orlando, Florida:

Laurie K. Weatherford, Trustee
PO Box 1103
Memphis, TN 38101-1103

The best way to make sure your Chapter 13 Plan payments are on time?  Think about a wage deduction order. This means you direct your employer to take a certain portion of your paycheck and send it directly to the Chapter 13 trustee for credit.

We help our Florida clients with wage deduction orders all the time, and it makes things so much easier for them.  Florida statistics show that you’re likely to successfully complete your Chapter 13 and get a discharge than clients who do not have a wage deduction order for plan payments.

Bankruptcy Lawyer Lewis Roberts

Attorney Lewis Roberts

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