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What should you do when you get a letter from the IRS or the Florida Department of Revenue (DOR)? Some people ignore it or even toss it in the trash. Others may frantically call the relevant government authority and do anything they are told to avoid the consequences of a potential tax mistake. Neither of those actions is a smart decision. The best option is to contact a Winter Springs tax attorney immediately to get experienced legal advice.

How an Experienced Winter Springs Tax Lawyer Can Help

Why Choose Me?

Tax law is complicated, even for people who have limited income and assets. The more assets you own or the more types of income you earn, the more complex the laws become. Even highly experienced accountants may make mistakes when calculating taxes for people with lots of assets. Thus, you shouldn’t be surprised if you make a mistake when calculating your taxes.

However, just because the IRS or DOR claims you made a mistake, that doesn’t mean you should accept their claim at face value. Government auditors are just as likely to make mistakes as professional accountants, and if you are facing an investigation, the cost of not challenging it could be high.

I am an experienced tax lawyer in Winter Springs who has helped countless people facing tax investigations. Because I am well-versed in all aspects of state and federal laws, I can easily explain all your legal options and quickly determine whether an investigation by a tax authority has merit. Furthermore, my services are affordable. I understand that people with tax issues often can’t afford massive attorney fees. That is why I endeavor to keep my fees fair and help you avoid as many fines as possible.

As many of my past clients have discovered, the best reason to choose me as your tax attorney in Winter Springs is because I might be able to save you money. Many of my clients have saved more money on taxes or fines than they spent on my services, saving money overall.

By proactively contacting Lewis Roberts, PA as soon as you realize you have tax issues, you can save yourself time, money, and frustration.

Services My Law Firm Offers

What services do I offer that can potentially result in your saving money? Some examples are:

  • Helping you find and document expenses that can be deducted from your taxes
  • Assisting with maintaining good financial records
  • Discussing specific tax issues and determining how to resolve problems
  • Determining whether issues the IRS is investigating are legitimate
  • Preventing the IRS or DOR from garnishing wages
  • Negotiating agreements that allow you to pay in installments or that forgive some of your debt
  • Ensuring your paperwork is filed promptly with the court
  • Communicating with tax authorities on your behalf
  • Answering all questions swiftly and accurately.

If you have more questions about how these services can save you money, schedule a consultation today. I or a member of my staff will be happy to explain how you can potentially benefit from a Winter Springs tax lawyer.

Are you facing any type of federal or state tax issue? Facing it alone could potentially cost you thousands more than it should. Contact my law firm at (407) 749-0080 to schedule a consultation and learn more about how my team and I can help you with your issues.

Issues You Could Face in Florida

Understanding When to Contact a Winter Springs Tax Attorney

When tax issues arise, they could involve federal taxes, state taxes, or both. Typically, only one tax authority is likely to have issues with you. But a serious enough tax mistake could have repercussions at both the state and federal levels. The following are tax issues that may cause you to contact my law firm.

State Taxes

Florida is one of many states that doesn’t have an individual state income tax. However, that doesn’t mean you might not have to pay other taxes. Florida still has a tax code, and it is relevant to many residents.

Florida has a 6% state sales tax, and some counties charge as much as 1.5% more on sales. Typically, this tax is collected by the seller at the time of sale. That isn’t always the case when you purchase products online, though.

However, just because a business doesn’t charge you sales tax, that doesn’t mean you are exempt. If you purchase something online and you aren’t charged sales tax, Florida expects you to pay it anyway. You won’t be hassled over small purchases, but a major purchase could get you in trouble.

Additionally, failure to pay property taxes could result in significant fines and interest. If the state claims you are deficient in your property taxes, it could mean the value of your property was incorrectly assessed or that you paid the wrong amount. Contact a Winter Springs tax lawyer immediately to avoid a bill that could be tens of thousands of dollars or more.

Federal Taxes

The most likely reason you will receive a notice from the IRS is because of an alleged error in your federal income tax return. At a minimum, errors usually result in interest and may bring fines. Even worse, if the IRS suspects fraud, you could potentially face incarceration. My law firm takes these situations seriously.


Tax issues can be quite complicated, and the letters you receive from tax authorities often don’t explain the full issue. This means you likely have questions. The following are some of the more common questions we receive.

What ways can I pay the IRS?

The IRS offers a lot of options for paying. Typically, you will either pay in full or pay via a payment plan. Both options can usually avoid fines, but you will often still be subject to interest, payable from the moment your payment is late.

How much will it cost to hire a Winter Springs tax attorney?

Several factors affect how much I charge for my services, including your ability to pay. All my fees are negotiable, and I take into account how complex your case is, how much time I am likely to spend working on it, and whether I can meaningfully help you.

If you have any more questions about your taxes, I am happy to answer them at your convenience.

Contact a Winter Springs Tax Lawyer Today

Tax issues can come out of nowhere. Don’t get caught off guard. Talk to a tax attorney in Winter Springs today.

If you are facing any type of tax issues, a tax lawyer in Winter Springs may be able to help you save money. Contact my law firm today at (407) 749-0080 to learn more about your legal options.

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